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Co-op Credit Union

Consumer Information

Foreign Currency

Traveling outside the United States? Use this online tool to convert your currency.
Notify CCU of your travels

Many countries are blocked due to international fraud. Notify CCU of your travels will minimize the chances of your card being restricted when you are trying to make a legitimate purchase. However, VISA/MasterCard still will look at each transaction, which means your card could still be restricted or a transaction denied for your protection.
Checks and Electronic Payments Are Clearing Faster

A change to how checks and electronic payments clear your account means you should now expect that payments can clear the same day they are authorized.
You should plan to have funds in your account before authorizing check or electronic payments. You can no longer count on any “float time” – meaning that time between writing or authorizing a payment and when it clears the account.
This is a change that all financial institutions are required to participate in. It is being done, in part, to make it easier for people to make payments and also to update account balances more frequently.
Keeping Your Identity Safe:

There are a number of things you can do on a daily basis to keep your personal information protected.
Do not provide account numbers or other personal information in response to emails, text messages or automated phone calls. These are most often fraudulent requests attempting to trick you into providing account information. Identity thieves are clever, and before you know it you've given out card numbers, account numbers and passwords! A good rule to follow is to never provide sensitive information unless you initiate the contact.
Place passwords on your accounts and credit cards. Avoid using easily available information like your mother's maiden name, birthdates, or the last four digits of your phone or social security number.
Treat your mail and trash carefully. Shred anything containing personal financial information.
Review credit card and account statements as soon as you receive them to check for unauthorized charges. If your statement is late by more than a couple of days, call your credit card company or financial institution to confirm your billing address and account balances.
Give out your social security number only when necessary - ask to use other types of identification instead.
Never share personal or confidential information via e-mail.
Disable the feature on your computer that allows passwords to be saved.

Lost/Stolen Cards:

Lost/Stolen MasterCard Hotline:
24 Hours in US: (800) 808-7230

Worldwide: (727) 570-4881
Good only 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday US Eastern time. No long distance charge.
24 Hour Worldwide Customer Service: (608) 836-2613
Lost/Stolen Debit/ATM Card Hotline:
Please call Co-op Credit Union during normal business hours.

After Hours/Weekends: (800) 554-8969
Some countries do allow toll free calls to this phone number, some do not. If your attempt fails, and it's after credit union hours, the recommended solution is phoning a family member or trusted friend stateside to report the lost or stolen card.
Avoid ATM Surcharges - Alliance One!

Alliance One, a nationwide group of select-surcharge ATMs, gives you the power to access your money on your own terms.
Using any one of the convenient ATMs across the U.S., including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, you can access your accounts without being charged a foreign ATM fee.
After all, shouldn't that money be yours to keep?
Use the ATM Locator or download the locator App to find an Alliance One ATM near you.
Proof of Insurance Information
For your convenience you may visit or have your agent call 800-532-6404 to provide the necessary insurance information.