Check out our account types below and contact one of our  lobby locations to talk to a  member services representative about opening your account today.  
See our Fees & Disclosures page for additional account information and terms. 
Don't forget our Debit/ATM Card for ways to access your account and make purchases when checks aren't accepted or you don't have them handy. 
FREE Reward Checking 
includes ATM Fee Refunds Nationwide*! 
See brochure here 
Reward Rate:   
2.00% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on your balance up to/including $25,000.  
.25% APY on your balance over $25,000. 
Base Rate:  0.05% APY if requirements are not met. 
To qualify for Reward Rates, the following conditions are required: 
  • Make a minimum of 12 debit card purchases per monthly qualification cycle with your CCU Debit Card.  A Monthly qualification cycle is defined as the last day of one month through the day preceding the last day of the next month (for example:  December 31st - January 30th).  Debit card purchases must post and clear your account during each monthly qualification cycle.
  • Receive your monthly statement electronically.  
  • Arrange a (one or more) continuous monthly automatic debit or direct deposit to post and clear your Reward Checking account during each monthly qualification cycle.
  • Access your account online at least once per monthly qualification cycle.
    *Refunds of ATM fees (charged to this checking account only) up to $20 per cycle if requirements are met.) 
    Dividend Checking 
    Put your money to work for you. For only $1.00 per month, and a $20 minimum monthly balance, your Share Draft Dividend Checking can earn you more.   Dividends are credited to the account quarterly. For added convenience, direct us to automatically transfer loan payments or deposits to another account. 
    Dividend Checking offers unlimited check writing, first box of check free upon opening your account, a free  Debit/ATM Card and optional Line-of-Credit Overdraft Protection. 
    FREE Checking 
    This is checking for those who enjoy the freedom and convenience of an account with no monthly fee and no minimum required balance.  FREE Checking does not earn dividends; but still offers unlimited check writing, first box of checks free upon opening  your account, a free Debit/ATM Card and optional Line-of-Credit Overdraft Protection. 
    Money Market Account 
    This account presents an opportunity for those who maintain a higher balance to earn dividends at a higher rate than conventional dividend checking.  There are no monthly fees for this account and checks are complimentary, the style chosen by CCU.  There is a minimum balance of $10,000. If the balance falls below $10,000 the regular saving rate will apply.  Withdrawals (checks included) must be for no less than $500 each, or there is a $10 fee per transaction.  Deposits are unlimited, withdrawals are limited to 6 per month. Dividends are credited to this account monthly. 
    KWIK CASH Line-of-Credit Overdraft Protection 
    A Kwik-Cash Loan is a consumer line of credit.  After one-time approval, you may take advances as needed, as long as your total Kwik-Cash loan  balance does not exceed your approved limit.  This line of credit can be used when you wish to make purchases or meet unexpected expenses.  It can also serve as Overdraft Protection for your Share Draft Checking account. 
    Debit Card 
    If you have a checking account, you're eligible for a CCU Debit Card!  No monthly fee to use your card, no per transaction fee.  Click here for a debit card application. 
    To activate your new debit card or change a pin number on an existing account please call: 800-992-3808 

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