• 5 Year Payable on Demand Rate
  • 3/1 ARM Rate
  • 5/1 ARM Rate
  • 7/1 ARM Rate
  • 10/1 ARM Rate
  • 10 Year Fixed Rate
    15 - 20 - 30 Year Fixed Rate 
    Offered for the purchase or refinance of a single or two family home. This program also works for the purchase of a second home. Maximum loan amount is 95% of the appraised value or purchase price, whichever is less. Repayment terms up to 30 years. 
    Construction Loans 
    Building a home couldn't be easier or more convenient! Maximum loan amounts up to 90% of the appraised value of the plans. 
  • Six month term.
  • Monthly interest-only payments on outstanding balance.
    Vacant Land & Recreational Property Loans 
    Our area offers many recreational opportunities.  If you've found the perfect spot for your favorite outdoor activities, see us for financing! 
    Home Equity Line of Credit 
    We can also help you refinance the home you already have or offer home equity lines of credit for whatever you need.  A new roof, a new kitchen, a college education, or a new car can all be paid for with home equity loan dollars.  

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