We appreciate hearing from you and are always available to answer questions or provide information.  Please feel free to contact us in the way most convenient for you. 

  • By Mail: 100 East Main Street PO Box 157
  • Black River Falls, WI 54615 
  • By Phone: 715-284-5333 or 800-258-0023
  • By Fax: 715-284-5112
  • Via Email
    Please note that emails are not secure transmissions so please do not send account numbers, social security numbers or any other information you would like to keep private to Co-op Credit Union or anyone else in an email message. Thanks. 
    Lost/Stolen Phone Numbers for Credit and Debit Cards: 
    Lost/Stolen MasterCard Hotline: 
    24 Hours in US:  (800) 808-7230 
    Worldwide:  (727) 570-4881 
  • Good only 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday - Friday US Eastern time.  No long distance charge.
  • 24 Hour Worldwide Customer Service:  (608) 836-2613 
    Lost/Stolen Debit/ATM Card Hotline: 
    Please call Co-op Credit Union during normal business hours. 
    After Hours/Weekends:  (800) 472-3272 
    Some countries do allow toll free calls to this phone number, some do not.  If your attempt fails, and it's after credit union hours, the recommended solution is phoning a family member or trusted friend stateside to report the lost or stolen card. 

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